Garpun Express - automation of contextual advertising for Latvian online stores

Garpun is a new tool for automation of advertising campaigns for Latvian online stores

Digital agency RealWeb Latvia offers a new tool for automation of advertising campaigns in Google Adwords for Latvian online stores cooperating with the project

The Garpun automation system will help you launch high-volume Google Adwords advertising campaigns, containing information and key words or phrases of your product catalogues, just in 5 minutes. You need only XML files you use in the project. Garpun - create and automatically update thousands of ads and keyword searches in Goodle Adwords!

Garpun advantages

Possibility to work with the convenient and easy-to-use user profile in English and Russian.

Possibility to generate advertising texts in the Latvian, Russian and English languages, which will contain category and product names, manufacturer brands and information on prices of each product or product group.

Possibility to automatically create advertising campaigns for all products and product categories in your online store just for 5 minutes.

Possibility to download an unlimited number of ads and key phrases in Google Adwords (Garpun is certified by Google to work with API Google Adwords in the unlimited mode)

Possibility to automatically update Google Adwords advertising campaigns every day, updating prices of goods, automatically adding or stopping advertising, depending on offers at your website.

Possibility to work on your Google Adwords account basis.

The process of creating campaigns is very simple:

  1. Create a new project in the Garpun system.
  2. Connect your Google Adwords account.
  3. Indicate link to your store XML file you use in, geo-targeting installations and the minimum rate.
  4. View an example of our successful campaign in Google Adwords.
  5. Choose your campaign data update intervals.

Pricing plans for using Garpun

On your Google Adwords account:

Up to 5000 products in the catalogue - 79 EUR / month
Over 5000 products in the catalogue -  179 EUR / month

On the RealWeb digital agency's Google Adwords account:

Up to 5000 products in the catalogue - 25% of advertising campaign expenses (minimum budget 500 EUR / month)
Over 5000 products in the catalogue -  18% of advertising campaign expenses (minimum budget 750 EUR / month)


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