DoubleClick Bid Manager

DBM contextual targeting

DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) is the system of a new generation, completely integrated into the global DoubleClick Digital Marketing infrastructure, which offers to advertisers and advertising agencies entirely new opportunities in applying RTB (real time bidding) technologies.

DoubleClick Bid Manager: advantages

The system makes it possible to easily identify those consumers, who efficiently use goods / services and to find potential buyers according to their behavior on the Internet, interests and social and demographic data;

Completely transparent reporting system: in the real time mode you see where your advertisement is placed and which are the costs of each advertisement.

Patented keyword contextual targeting system identifies a precise meaning of each website, thus making it possible to find the most suitable banner advertising spaces.

The system allows to install remarketing campaigns, to create conversion gauges, to exclude from the audience those visitors, who have reached the target, to provide post-click and post-view conversion data.

Algorithms help automatically optimize rates and reach your unique targets, maximizing profits.

A wide choice of advertising platforms makes it possible to targetize at any thematic portals.

Numerous safety measures help safeguard your brand: the system provides for a large number of filters and restrictions for various types of portals and key words.

The RealWeb Latvia agency has an access to DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) premium functions, helping create and place dynamic banners, target audiences according to their interests, focus on similar audiences (a ''clever'' similar audience modeling algorithm activates, aiming to create the audience interested in advertised goods / services).

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