Call Tracking

Accounting for calls from your ads

Call Tracking is a new technology, helping correlate the number of incoming calls and the efficiency of each of your advertising channels, and get valuable information on phone calls and the quality of work of your sales office. This technology is similar to the web-analytic systems, but it registers calls and not clicks.

Call Tracking helps:

Estimate the efficiency of advertising channels;

Control call-centre operations (call record analysis, missed calls);

Estimate ROI;

Estimate customer attraction costs in each adverising channel;

Optimize marketing budget in favor of more efficient media channels.

The technology operates by the replacement of telephone numbers on the website.

The concept of Call Tracking is to optimize your advertising campaigns and save your marketing budget. Furthermore, it makes it easy to assess not only return on on-line advertising channels, but also the efficiency of traditional off-line advertising channels (radio, TV, outdoor advertising, POS materials, etc.).

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