Web Usability Audit

Web Usability Audit

Online marketing is not possible without a competently developed and adequately "equipped" website. If you start wondering why your customers do not send applications or do not complete registering their orders on your website, it's time to conduct WEB Usability Audit or in other words to analyze all risk factors related to perceiving and using your website.

We help users reach your website targets (e.g., to send an order, to buy goods, to call), performing the following activities:

  1. Usability analysis
  2. A/B testing
  3. Landing page efficiency analysis
  4. Purchase funnel efficiency analysis
  5. Content efficiency analysis.

The results of analysis are presented in the report, containing such details as user behavior at your website, all obstacles and difficulties experienced by users in making specific steps at your website.

We find out the reasons why your website users do not receive information they need. We also help prevent the reduction of the number of users when they try to enter the next section of your website or to place an order.

If you follow our recommendations, your website could generate hundreds and in terms of a year even thousands of new orders. We apply professional tools: Google Analytics, Yandex Мetrica, Visual Website Optimizer, webVisor, etc.

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