Advertising in search engines

Advertising in search engines

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Search engines, e.g. Google, Yandex, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask, Rambler,, operate according to the key word principle. Placing advertisement in search engines, you reach the users, who search for information on goods and services and enter your key word into the system.

Launching advertising campaign in Google search engine (Google AdWords), Yandex search engine (Yandex Direct), Bing search engine, Yahoo search engine (Yahoo Gemini), etc., you will need knowledge and skills to manage it. Your advertising campaign solutions will be faster, more precise and efficient, if key word selection, rate management and result analysis are completed professionally.

High customer attraction level
High customer attraction level

Real advertising efficiency is identified not by the number of users' clicks, but by the level of attracting users: how thoroughly they were studying your offer, and whether they have done what you expected them to do. Speaking the language of online advertising professionals, evaluation parameters are conversions and their costs. That means that you as an advertiser do not need to pay for entering your website or for clicks, but for the attraction of real customers to your business.

Advertising automation in search engines
Advertising automation in search engines

Automatic data management provides numerous advantages to our clients.
Clever system robots maintain and manage rates according to the set and checked algorithms, disconnect positions with low conversion, import data into the system and do many other operations.
Automation saves not only your time, but also money planned for advertising campaigns.

Advertising analytics in search engines
Advertising analytics in search engines

Why analytics is so important? It provides an opportunity to know which exactly key words and advertising texts really attract clients and how much you pay for each attracted client.
This is analytics, which creates conditions for increasing conversion percentage of your advertising in search engines. It is a key to success, converting advertisements into an efficient sales channel.

  • Our approach to work

    We develop strategies
    We create advertising texts
    We install analytics
    We start campaign
    We asses efficiency
    We follow results
    and correct campaign
We will give you advice on advertising issues and will estimate its costs
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