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Export company

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НOur everyday experience in the global network shows that Latvian companies possess an important export potential. There are so many still unoccupied niches with a considerable demand for products and services offered by Latvian companies! Do you know these non-explored markets? Have you developed strategies for conquering them? Have you chosen advertising channels most suitable for your business development in the global market?

We are sure that the Internet provides very efficient tools for export companies. It is an opportunity to forecast development scenarios and to select proper market segments, because online marketing makes it possible to precisely segment and find exactly your target audience. Purposeful and precise promotion on the Internet means for you also an opportunity to constantly improve your results, since everything can be thoroughly measured and analyzed in optimizing processes. Nothing is impossible in online marketing - we will help you open all markets of the world!


How to accomplish it?

  1. We offer a full package of technological solutions for the strategic planning and management of advertising campaigns, which is highly appreciated by our customers. Our strategic solutions and products are efficient, flexible and sustainable thanks to our continuous presence in extensive advertising markets and high competitiveness. Purposefully applying our strategic solutions in your everyday work, you will reach still better business results.

  2. Online advertising - we can offer much more than it! We offer: advantageous media advertising terms, professional media planning, creative solutions and a unique statistical system.

  3. Launching advertising campaign in Google search engine (Google AdWords), Yandex search engine (Yandex Direct), Bing search engine, Yahoo search engine (Yahoo Gemini), etc., you will need knowledge and skills to manage it. Your advertising campaign solutions will be faster, more precise and efficient, if key word selection, rate management and result analysis are completed professionally. We will also help you choose the most suitable search engine.

  4. Website is a basis for the promotion and representation of every business on the Internet. Adequate and efficient website development is our teamed work - finally creating a goal-oriented business promotion model on the Internet. We should complete a number of essential requirements and take into account numerous nuances, but the result justifies the efforts.

  5. Analytical department aims to help our customers increase sales volumes, without increasing investments, raise the number of orders and sales, calls from the website, enhance interest and loyalty of the target audience.

  6. Marin Software is currently the most popular solution for automatic online advertising management. The system compiles statistical data of advertising campaigns and analyzes them. Martin Software technology will be useful for you, because its algorithm is created to finally improve your financial indicators: sales volumes, revenues and profits.

  7. DoubleClick Bit Manager (DBM) is the system of a new generation, offering entirely new possibilities. It applies the new revolutionary Real Time Bidding (RTB) technology, effecting your customer advertising auctions in real time practically in the unlimited market area on the global network scale.

    The key advantage of the system is an opportunity to exactly define and find the real target audience of your customer and to address only it.

    In general, it is an opportunity to find positions, platforms and online resources in the global network most suitable for advertising your banners, with banner advertising space costs determined by yourself!

  8. Garpun - is a unique Google Adwords advertising automation system, helping substantially enhance return on advertising campaigns. This system makes it possible to quickly accomplish tasks, which would theoretically require efforts of a large team of professionals. The Garpun system is created for processing high-volume variable data - your goods and services databases, often accumulating too much information. The system allows to efficiently form advertising campaigns of any complexity levels and to regularly update information in automatic mode.

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