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In their everyday work, creative and media agencies still more often face the situation when their business growth requires the most complicated online marketing technologies and solutions. This is the sphere, which is based on knowledge, experience, desire to be absorbed and to follow the endless on-line innovations. We, the digital marketing agency, possess such knowledge, competence and obsession with the latest technologies.

There is no need to discover the continents again - just entrust your customer's online advertising to us, a specialized international digital agency, successfully operating in the Russian and European markets for over 17 years! We offer to our cooperation partners, agencies, a full package of services from media planning to placement of advertising materials on the Internet - special conditions and flexible discounts.

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How to accomplish that?

  1. Garpun - is a unique Google Adwords advertising automation system, helping customers substantially enhance return on advertising campaigns. This system makes it possible to quickly accomplish tasks, which would theoretically require efforts of a large team of professionals. The Garpun system is created for processing high-volume ever-changing data - your goods and services databases, often accumulating too much information. The system allows to efficiently form advertising campaigns of any complexity levels and to regularly update information in automatic mode. The RealWeb Latvia agency has the exclusive rights to use the Garpun automation system in the Baltic countries. Our staff includes certified Garpun specialists.

  2. Garpun is a new Google Adwords advertising campaign automation tool, which was developed especially for Latvian online stores.

    This system will be particularly useful for those Latvian online stores, which have been already cooperating with the project. Automated system Garpun will help you in fact for 5 minutes develop high-volume Google Adwords advertising campaigns, which will contain information and key words or phrases about the catalogue of all your goods. You will need only XML files, which the customer has been already using in the project. Speed, convenient application and very simple development of campaigns - these three aspects differ this system from other similar products.

  3. AdHands is a statistical tool perfect for monitoring customer's advertising campaigns. It makes it possible to analyze the efficiency of each advertising position, to assess the efficiency of each communication channel and to make a reasoned decision on their further use. We, the Realweb team, will position your advertising effectively, and AdHands will help you analyze the results.

  4. DoubleClick Bit Manager (DBM) is the system of a new generation, offering advertisers and advertising agencies entirely new opportunities. It applies the new revolutionary Real Time Bidding (RTB) technology, effecting your customer advertising auctions in real time practically in the unlimited market area on the global network scale.

    The key advantage of the system is an opportunity to exactly define and find the real target audience of your customer and to address only it!

    In general, it is an opportunity to find the most suitable positions, platforms and online resources in the global network for advertising your customer's banners, with banner advertising space costs determined by the customer!

  5. Marin Software is currently the most popular solution for automatic online advertising management. The system compiles statistical data of advertising campaigns and analyzes them. Martin Software technology will be useful for your customers, because its algorithm is created to finally improve their financial indicators: sales volumes, revenues and profits.

  6. This is the Google service, which substantially simplifies the installation of tags on your website.

  7. This tool offers valuable additional functionality and practical tools, which are not available in Google Universal Analytic: e.g., link to Yandex.Direct, use of WebVisor tool, etc.

  8. Call Tracking is a new advertising technology currently accessible also in Latvia! It helps analyze the number of customer calls from each of your advertising channels, respectively - the efficiency of your advertising, checking customer calls. The technology also provides valuable information on the quality of work of your customers' sales office.

    The concept of Call Tracking is to optimize your customer's advertising campaigns and marketing budgets. Furthermore, this new technology helps assess not only return on on-line advertising channels, but also the efficiency of traditional off-line advertising channels (radio, TV, POS materials, etc.).

We are a true technological agency. This fact may be confirmed by each of our loayal customers and cooperation partners. This fact may be confirmed by Yandex and Google. We can develop on-line solutions of any complexity levels. Please view our program applications and conclude how much we could do, developing individual solutions perfectly tailored to the purposes and needs of your customers!

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