The RealWeb digital agency has been successfully cooperating with the representative office of Innovation Norway, responsible for the development and promotion of Norway tourism in the countries of Western Europe and Eastern Europe, for over 3 years.
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The Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Production and Fishery entrusted the Tourism Council of Norway / Innovation Norway with the mission - to develop and maintain the official travel guide of Norway - Innovation Norway has been cooperating with the RealWeb digital agency for over 3 years, popularizing Norway in the countries of Eastern Europe.


Media and contextual advertising campaigns were monitored by means of the advertising management system AdHands.


To increase usability of, improving quality indicators of attracted audience - refusal rates, maintenance time, conversions.


In order to improve the results of advertising campaigns, compared to previous years, developers completely changed the advertising carrier positioning approach, developing a new concept of interactive advertising carriers, which has substantially increased CPT rates.


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