Paolo Marchetti

Paolo Marchetti

Paolo Marchetti is a successful model of integrated approach to cooperation with customers. Within the framework of cooperation there was implemented not only an efficient Google AdWords campaign, but also analytical work, page usibility improvements, work with social media, promotion of flows through non-standard sources (e.g., Instagram).
About company

Paolo Marchetti, a chain of furniture stores based in the capital of Great Britain, applied to the RealWeb digital agency in late 2013, requesting to identify critical drawbacks of the website, and to inform how the contextual advertising campaign should be modified to enhance its efficiency.


Installation and adjustment of Tag Manager and Google Analytics for conducting usability analysis. Connection of media retargeting technologies through DoubleClick Bid Manager.


To improve website usability, to enhance traffic and conversion rates and to reduce costs of users attracted through the website.


1. Audit of advertising campaigns for the period from 2011 to 2013, detailed usability audit of the website, consistently identifying critical errors.

2. Since March 2014 the advertising campaign was controlled by RealWeb. After optimizing contextual advertising campaigns, saved funds were invested into retargeting technologies - connecting media retargeting, DoubleClick BidManaer, and retargeting via Facebook. 

3. The customer's website was corrected at the time of conducting advertising campaigns, at the same time creating a new website, which meets all the usability requirements. The new website was commissioned in August 2014.



In order to create a modern website, meeting all latest requirements, our team's task was first to identify risk factors and flaws in terms of UI and UX (interface and user experience). The previous website was no longer in line with the current web-design tendencies, being inadequate for completing required tasks.

Creating a new design, our specialists removed all identified errors and developed a modern website in accordance with all customer and market requirements. This website is intuitively understandable and easy to use.

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